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Project Description

NotifyPilot is a simple bridge between TFS and a group of clients (eg : Yammer, SignalR, ect..).


For ScrumPilot , I wanted to update the WS/WCF server that serves to connect the TFS to ScrumPilot when a TFS event appends.
I wanted an independant server (no connection required to TFS, no database connection) and an evolutive server where I will can easily implement other plugins.
I wrote a Yammer plugin (see Yammer.SimpleAPI) and a SignalR plugin.
So, I rewrote it from the scratch.



NotifyPilot is an MVC 5 application with an embeded WCF service that is accessed by TFS when an event is fired (see

When a TFS sends an event, NotifyPilot mounts all known (or selected) plugins and push this event on its own client (eg : Yammer).


  • v0.1 : Manage configuration and notification by MVC app
  • v0.2 : Add securities (eg : signalR)

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